Conversion Tip 3: No Marriage On The First Date

"Buy Now! Call Us Now! Come Into Our Store Now!"

These are the words of too many businesses shouting in a market filled with noise.

[img] Conversion Tip 3: No Marriage On The First Date

If you were on a first date with somebody, you don’t know anything about them yet, and, suddenly, they drop to one knee and ask you to marry them. What would you say?

You’d say no, of course! Why?

Because you don’t know enough about them, you don’t trust them, you haven’t even been given significant time to see if you like them.

So why do so many businesses ask you to BUY NOW or CALL NOW before first gaining your trust and providing value? It bewilders me. No human being calls you, comes into your store or decides to buy before first trusting you, liking you or your company, and knowing that you’re the right one to fulfil their needs.

So what do you do? The same thing you do when you want to marry somebody. You start small, with low resistance offers, and then, as you build a relationship, you start to progress through more engaging offers.

BUY NOW or CALL NOW is like “MARRY ME”. However, "Enter your email address here for more information on the topic of XYZ" is more like, “Hey, would you like to go on a date?” Some people will still reject the offer but a hell of a lot more will take it up, and certainly more than will respond to your "BUY" or "CALL NOW" offer.

And that’s what you do: You create a low resistance offer in exchange for some basic information, and then start the relationship from there.

When I studied 200 successful businesses, they all had low resistance offers to capture their prospects' basic information, so as to begin a relationship. Successful businesses offer useful information to their market, on a topic in which they know they’re customers are interested, in exchange for some basic information.

What sort of useful information could you provide your market, you might be wondering? Well, let me explain by providing an example.

People don’t buy a drill because they want a drill. They buy a drill because they want to make a hole.

So if you are selling drills, offer people useful information about making holes. Get it?

Think not about your specific product or service but the problem it solves for your customer, and then create a piece of information on that topic and offer it on your website in exchange for some basic information. Out of 100 people that come to your website, only 3 will be ready to buy —and they will— but what about the other 97?

Well, that’s why you have a lower resistance offer to get their information, so that you can market to them. When they’re ready to buy, they will buy from you because you've been so helpful.