The Digital Marketing Formula

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter: Digital marketing is no “mystery”, it’s no “unexplored land”. People found what works with digital marketing a loooong time ago and they have been exploiting it for years.

[img] The Digital Marketing Formula

Digital marketing has a formula and, surprisingly, it’s an exact science.

In any country, any industry and any niche it’s EXACTLY the same, so please don’t fall victim to thinking you’re an exception.

Let me tell you how it works.

You have a website, you drive traffic to that website and then the website is supposed to educate customers enough so that they believe you’re the right person for the job. And then they either call you, come into your store or buy from you online.

Put into a formula, digital marketing looks like this:


For example: 100 people visit your website (traffic), your website converts at 2%, so 2 visitors convert to customers and buy.

It sounds simple right? So how come so many people and businesses get it wrong?

Well, to start with, most businesses and digital marketing companies don’t measure anything. If they do, they measure the wrong things.

Don’t believe me? Ask your provider (or yourself, if you’re managing things) what your websites' conversion rate is? Then ask them what your return on investment (ROI) is each month?

If they can’t (or you can’t) answer ALL of those questions, then they have it wrong and they’re flying your plane blind with your money for gas.

Any self-respecting digital marketer will be able to tell you these numbers in a heartbeat and the return on investment should be at least $2 back on $1 (100% ROI).

You must learn to think of your online marketing as a funnel.

At the top you have TRAFFIC, being people who visit your website through Google or paid ads. At the bottom you have CUSTOMERS, people who buy your products or services either over the phone, in store or online. The funnel itself is your digital marketing strategy and it’s job is to CONVERT the traffic into customers.

When I studied 200 successful businesses, ALL of them treated their online marketing as a funnel and ALL of them were able to tell me their figures without blinking an eye.

Over the next few pages this report is going to show you exactly how you can do two things:


Those are the factors in the digital marketing equation and you’re about to learn 3 best practices for each.

Shall we begin?