“Online Marketing Doesn't Work”

Your time is valuable, so let me get right to the point.

[img] “Online Marketing Doesn't Work”For too long, honest businesses have been sold “snake oil” when it comes to digital marketing.

Everyday I hear business owners say things like: “Online marketing doesn’t work” or “Online marketing is too confusing and I’ve been burned too many times”. This is because shonky marketers have been promising the world and delivering nothing but oxygen. And what’s worse is they’ve been charging the world for it and locking people into iron-clad long-term contracts.

Personally, I’m sick of it! I want to change this and that’s exactly why I commissioned this study of successful businesses and put together this transparent, to-the-point report.

Now you’re probably thinking; “Who the hell are you and why should I listen to you on this topic?”

My name is Sam Ovens and, when I was 20 years old, I started a software company called SnapInspect. I started it from my parents garage with no investment from anybody and grew it into the global market leader in its industry with over 1,500 customers in 16 different countries.

The battles against USA-based, well-funded competitors gave me some seriously sharp online marketing skills and, when I removed myself from SnapInspect, I decided to start a digital marketing company helping New Zealand businesses profit wildly online.

I’ve done digital marketing for myself, for my clients and personally managed over 10 million dollars of digital ad spend. Every single time I’ve earned by money back and more besides!

This report provides insights from studying 200 successful businesses and from my own lived experience being on the front lines of vicious digital marketing competition.

My intention with my digital marketing company, and this report, is always to be fully transparent.

Unlike other digital marketing companies who make things seem complicated and beyond your understanding on purpose, I’m going to show you exactly how things work and make it as simple as possible.

You can take these findings and implement them in your own business RIGHT NOW to start getting results almost overnight.

This report starts by explaining “the digital marketing formula” and then it provides three battle-tested tactics in the areas of:

  1. Getting more traffic (people visiting your website); and,
  2. Converting more traffic into customers.

Stop what you’re doing, get comfy and let’s dig into the meat of this report.