Your Digital Marketing Checklist

By now, you should know that digital marketing is not some mystery, a “spend and pray” type of thing. It’s an exact science that has a proven formula.

I have taken the time to create for you a “Digital Marketing Checklist” that will help you to be certain your business' digital marketing is on the right track and in the hands of somebody who actually knows what they’re doing.

If you answer yes to the questions below, then congratulations! You’re on the right track and the person at the helm of your digital marketing knows what they’re doing —hold on to him or her because they are the exceptions.

If you can’t check all the boxes, then please take this as serious warning.

You should have the numbers and you should be making a return on your investment of at least 2:1 or 200%. If you don’t have the numbers, then you’re literally throwing money in the bin. And if your manager doesn’t have them, or refuses to give them to you, they either don’t know what they’re doing or are trying to hide their pitiful efforts and so-called results.

This report and checklist is going to upset a lot of digital marketing providers because, I know for a fact, they don’t do it properly and they never will because its laborious and difficult. The mere thought of having to check these boxes and prove ROI to clients would make them run for the hills.

But no longer will honest businesses sit in confusion as so-called digital marketing companies throw their money in the wind, laughing. You now know what works online and you have the following checklist as your tool to grade their efforts.

Use it to your advantage and to your competitors demise.

The Digital Marketing Checklist

Do you do digital marketing consistently all year round?

Do you have multiple streams of online traffic?

Do you have a numbers-oriented person managing it?

Do you treat your digital marketing like an investor would?

Does your website perform like a mini-salesperson using words?

Does your website have a low resistance offer to capture emails?

Has your website been built to convert traffic into customers?

What’s your cost per website visitor?

What’s your cost per email enquiry?

What’s your cost per phone enquiry?

What’s your cost to acquire a customer?

What’s your average revenue per sale?

What’s your return on investment?

Is your return on investment over 100% ($2 back on $1)?

If you or your provider can't answer all of the questions above or produce more than a 100% ROI, then you need serious changes to your strategy.